Chronomancy: Update v0.2.6!

Hello everyone, today we are sharing our first update for Chronomancy! We took some time to make some quality-of-life fixes we did not get to do for the release. Also, we are finally able to have you listen  to 2 new music tracks, so look forward to that!

Thank you so much for your great feedback on the game so far! We've been stunned by your kind words, and are really happy about so many people playing our humble little game :)

The complete list of changes can be seen below:

  • Gameplay
    • changed marker colours slightly
    • changed visuals of the snake and it's projectiles
    • changed visuals of the forest spirit and dungeon spirit! no more blending in!
    • made level generation more predictable in the forest zone
    • rebalanced game difficulty (enemy rate and floor generation)
  • UI
    • made audio options available in main manu, what a no-brainer...
    • rearranged several menu screens
    • added an option to adjust animation speed
    • added button animations
    • stopped the level title from intruding into your pause screen, what a jerk
    • added German localization!
    • added a background to the skill UI
  • Audio
    • 2 new music tracks!
    • ticking loop now fades in when you take too long for your turn
    • replaced the ticking loop over the last 10 turns with a per-turn rising pitch effect
  • Bug fixes
    • entrances should not be cut off from the rest of the level anymore, sorry about your runs!
    • fixed Exits generating too early in levels of the forest zone
    • fixed Wolves intruding into your personal space after jumping
    • fixed cursor being gigantic on Mac
    • fixed bug where the pause menu could be opened during the game over screen


Chronomancy v0.2.6 37 MB
Oct 02, 2019
Chronomancy v0.2.6 55 MB
Oct 02, 2019

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