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Can't play the game. Every time I try to open it, it just freezes my whole computer. I have an Alienware X51 R3 running Windows 10 64 bit.

Freezing your whole computer sounds not good! I would consider checking for faulty hardware, a Unity game should never freeze your whole machine!


this game looks awesome!

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Now I feel bad for clicking before reading all text for community copies. Getting a game from Piratebay looks like stealing, but this FEELS like stealing. I can easily pirate a game, but I wouldn't have gotten this copy if I read all text. Professionals have standards.

wait so this is pirated?


I think the person above would have rather pirated my game than accept one of the free community copies I am offering for people who are not able to pay.


Oh. Anyways, that's really nice of you! I think this game is really beautiful.

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I am sorry to have upset you with the free copies I am offering. You can still pay for the game, which in turn unlocks more community copies for people to take :)

Also, please don’t comment about pirating small indie games on other game pages, as it is really discouraging for developers who are spending months on games for people to enjoy. Thank you!

I still hope you enjoy your game and hope you’ll give it a nice review ✨

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I've been able to play the game thanks to the community copies, the game is very relaxing and i think i could play it for hours just to find out how many different islands i can find, i also found out 12 easter eggs. I wonder how many other easter eggs there are! I haven't found out any bugs yet, but i would suggest to make the islands and rivers generation a little bit better, i found islands that had like a cube in the middle and rivers that took too sharp curves, other than this, the game is great!

 i'll leave a link to the drive folder (itch didn't let me upload them because they were too large)with all the easter eggs i've found so far. also if you look at the island 44 44 44 44 it says : "Did you solve the riddle yet?" Please help me find out what the Riddle is, i really want to know!

Thank you for your feedback, I am glad you’re enjoying the game! I just pushed out a small quality of life update, and updates to the island generation are next on my list!

I love your pictures, if you wanna find more islands with names, maybe you should check out the credits :)


Heya, I just got around to playing this and really enjoy it! There's some little touches others have already mentioned that I'd also like to see, but for what it is right now, it's a nice, straightforward chillout game.

The only issue I've really run into is that some of the islands seem to generate such that the game can't handle them & it crashes to desktop. If there are crash logs that may help, I don't see them in the game folder, so not sure what I could send to help. I don't know when it will happen until I embark to the next island, so my best bet might be to screenshot coordinates before setting out & send those your way if they crash the game, I guess?

Nevertheless, thanks for the relaxing little game! 

Hey! Thank you for your feedback! I’ve been looking into the crashes and it seems like a problem on the engine-side sadly :/ I just updates the game using a newer version of Unity, which might fix this bug, but I can’t promise anything!


Lovely experience. Thank you. One weird bug for Windows, whenever I visit the Options Menu it automatically defaults back to 320x200 resolution and applies it even if I don't accept apply!. 


Thank you for the report, I’ll look into it for the next update!


What a fantastic experience! It's so fun being surprised by what a new island has to offer, I love it!


I think this might become a new morning ritual for me.

Oh bleah - it won't load the islands on my computer ... it shows a black background to the title screen and it never gets out of the "take a stroll" screen when I go to an island. It just plays an occasional water-lapping-on-beach noise. :(

Oh no, what OS are you on? I am currently working on an update, maybe I can try to fix that issue :)

Currently running Windows 7 - running things in a user account and not an admin account, if that makes a difference.

It might be Avast virus protection being a jerk, though - it's freaking impossible to troubleshoot bugs with that :(

Ahh yeah Avast can be really weird sometimes…Maybe I’ll stumble upon what’s causing this, if you can I’d love to have some screenshots and maybe log files, if you’d like to send them to me over on Twitter!

That makes sense - I can try booting it again to take screenshots. Where do I look for log files?

If you open the images folder from the game, just jump up one folder and there should be log files present there :)


Is there any chance you could add the option to invert the mouselook? I've been playing games with the mouse inverted for 25 years now and can't do it when the mouse is backwards from what I'm used to.

I’ll put that onto my to-do list!


Thanks! It's a pretty thing.

The mouse inversion has made it into the new update!

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This is an amazing game! In real life I love to explore new and different places and take pictures, I'd always enjoy the view and relax. Since quarantine happened, this game helped me to relive what it feels like going outside and enjoy the little things in life.. <3

You are amazing creator! no like really! Thank you for this game :') (and stay safe!)

Thank you! <3 I am glad the game helped you to relax in these crazy times :)

It's an excelent game to relax from all the stress other games can cause you, a good addition may be perhaps small animals? Some island may have colorful birds, others may have reptils, others (if it's a night island) may have fireflies, etc.

I love trying random combination or full birthdays and see what it gets.

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Wonderful little tool that creates randomized worlds with vibrant colors to explore and take some pretty pictures of. The sceneries are very pretty, but could use some more visual variety. The camera filters (press F) are a great start, but a game like this could use more in depth fine tuning of camera asettings. I enjoy that they offered even a daily island mode, where everybody explores the same island and walking through this really makes it engaging to hunt for that one perfect picture on every island. Lovely idea and a ton of potential. 3,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

Oh there are actually camera filters, whoops! If I make a sequel, I want to really beef up the camera though :)


Oh, I will imediately check it back out again then!


What are the controls for it? I seem to be too blind to find it, haha. :)


The controls are in the Readme, you can select filters with F :) I’ll be putting the controls ingame in another update sometime!


Thanks! Did you ever get around to making an option to remove the shutter stroll icon/coordinates? I would second that as making a pure picture would be more useful for aesthetic purposes in many instances where you arent trying to "share" the level. :) 


I am considering it!


i really enjoy this! the colors are so lovely. i have a question though - i see the same features on different islands, are there only the same few features available or is there more variety that i just haven't seen yet?

I had to cut a bit of content to make it for release! But I will be working on a bigger update that features more content to be generated.


oh that's so exciting! i love the game as is, don't get me wrong, but an update sounds fantastic.

Thank you! It will take some time, but I hope you’ll come back when I update the game :)


Nice and relaxing, I like it.

The only problem I had was finding where my photos went, it took a wile to undestand that playing with the sandbox active prevented the game from saving the photos on my pc.


I don't know if you'll have the same success with this, but with the sandbox enabled I was able to find the saved photos in::

C:\Users\itch-player-[your-unique-sandbox-ID-here]\AppData\LocalLow\Jannik Boysen\Shutter Stroll\Photos

Thanks, that did help indeed :-)


I'm enjoying this game so much. It's so relaxing and peaceful. I love how simple yet beautiful it is and how you can make awesome pictures just with the light, the shapes, the colors and the few tools the camera has. And the monoliths!!!! <3


It is the proof that a simple and easy game can give you great moments of relaxation and fun, and be an open game for everyone


That game is really relaxing, my girlfriend found a use out of it, randomly generated landscapes are a good thing when you like painting !
I would like the possibility to go back to a island, like a screen where I could put the coordinates of the island to go back to it eventually, please consider it ! Thank you !

Oh you can do that! When you took a picture, return to the boat! :)


I didn't know that :3 Thank you for the info !


I found the controls in the Read Me, but they should really be in the game.


my new favourite game


I liked it a lot! Taking a stroll on a bunch of islands makes for a relaxing moment.


It was nice walking around different islands with the color changes. It was a nice experience.

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I enjoyed that walk. I don't have Twitter but I'll share my pictures on a French forum board.

As a comment, would it be possible to display the controls in the options? I found them in the Readme file afterwards though.

And, if possible, an option to rotate the camera. :)

Thank you for the game.

I just checked the forum, your pictures are lovely! Thank you for sharing them!

I will definitely consider it!

Hello! Can you please help me? I'm trying to find where the photos go when I take them!! 

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There’s an “Images” button in the main menu, that will take you straight to the folder!


Thank you very much! I was just being slow :o)

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This is a wonderful game, thank you! 

I have a question, is it supposed to only have one photo per island? (older images are overwritten when I make new one)


Thank you very much for playing it!

Right, you are only supposed to do one photo per island :) People in playtests enjoyed not having to sort out pictures after each session and wanted to explore more islands instead! That said, there has been a bit of confusion about that, so I might include an option to allow more pictures in an update.


Oh, please consider including that option in a later update! I'm the opposite of the playtesters in that I love to take dozens of pictures in games to sort out later. For me, half the fun is sorting them out and finding my best ones! It might be a good option for people who tend to fixate on the same place for longer stretches of time.

Anyway, thank you for the beautiful and meditative game you've crafted. Wonderful experience.

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Will do, I am all for the player to decide how to play the game :)

EDIT: It’s in the game now!


Looks great! The random-generation is also an inspiration for my game-project. Thanks!


This game is beautiful. So chill, so relaxing. I'm really enjoying just going to different islands and finding the best composition to really showcase the beauty of the island.



A nice game for meditation an taking beautiful pictures. Great work!


Beautiful relaxing game! Keep up the good work.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Thank you!


beautiful store page!

Thank you!


Is the overlay (co-ordinates and logo) just for marketing purposes?  I love the idea of walking around taking photos, but I much prefer clean pictures of the landscape.


The overlay is currently on all the time, so you can share islands with friends! I might add less intrusive options in an update if there’s an audience :)


Thanks for the info!

Consider me another advocate for the ability to toggle the logo/coordinates. It's a nice concept that if you share a picture of the island you're opting to not keep it private, in a way. But I have a number of compositions that would be so much stronger were it not for the extra noise. TY


Can't wait to play!!!


This is a pretty nice store page


Hey ProbableTrain. I really like your maze game. I would really love if I could put your game into my subscription.  If you agree please let me know.