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Easy Releasy is a series of templates for all graphics you are able to use to design your Itch game & profile pages.
The templates are available as PNG, PSD and Affinity Photo & Designer files, use them however you see fit. They also include this page's graphics, so you can see how they work in practice!

This page is designed to show off the different ways you can use these templates to create stunning pages with the tools provided by Itch. Use this site as a reference on how images interact with the page content.

Without further ado, let's give your page a bit of zhuzh!

Itch game pages are the only thing standing between a potential player and your game! A good looking page will make sure a high percentage of players who clicked on your game in the first place will actually proceed to download or buy it!

I cannot stress enough how important it is you should put at least some time into your page; I know this is not what making games is about (but it kind of is)!

Theme Graphics

When editing the theme of your game page, you can include these graphics to really wrap everything into a nice package for the eyes of your future players!

Page Banner

The page banner replaces the games title when it is set, so you will use this for a version of your game's logo most of the time!

Page Background

Set a page background to set the mood; there are a lot of possibilities to spice up your page with backgrounds! Since there are a few different settings to configure, you can achieve a variety of different looks. If you center the image, you can create a seperate background for your content area by covering the center 960 pixels of your image. Tiling vertically is a great choice if you have a pattern you would like to set as your background, but want to be able to make a box around the content too! Tiling horizontally can be a way to make quick gradients! It's great to keep the file size as small as you possibly can, so it will load even on slow connections. Just in case, make sure the background color you set in the theme editor matches your games look!

Page Content

This is stuff you put on your page! While having screenshots is a no-brainer, and will make sure folks know how your game looks, you can use some images in your description as well to set the mood or direct attention (to things like a kickstarter link).

Page Content Inline Image

You can break up your games description with pretty, hand-drawn seperators or mark new sections of the text by using inline images! Just add these via the text editor on your "Edit Game" page. Also, these images can be as wide as 920 pixels if you have screenshot display disabled!

Promotional Images

When editing your game page content, you will be able to upload a cover image, screenshots and other promotional images. Upload the cover image and screenshots right on the "Edit Game" page, and visit the "Metadata > Promo images" menu to include the rest of these images. These graphics are all about making a great first impression by having polished store material.

Cover Image

This is THE image to focus on! This is what people will see when browsing the store, and so it will be the one thing that decides if people visit your page! Make sure this image does not feature small text or details, rather make sure it catches the attention of your potential players!


This small icon will appear on the tab bar, right next to the page title! It's just a tiny icon, but you probably have something you can use for that, like your game's file icon! It's the little things!

Wide Cover

This image is used by itch to feature you on the front page! Since this will be blurred anyway, try not to include any small details, and rather focus on the colours and mood of the whole graphic! This should be in a 21:9 ratio and have a reasonably big size.

Social Media Image

This Graphic will be shown as a preview when linking to your game on Twitter, Discord, Reddit or any other place showing embedded media. Most of the time I just reuse my cover image, but a variant that is closer to a 16:9 ratio might work better here.


Upload a version of your logo on a transparent background so Itch can use it to put on videos and other promotional material! Even if you don't want to put too much time into promoting your game (but probably should), making it easy for Itch to promote your game is an absolute no-brainer!

If you use these templates to work on your itch pages, please consider attributing me or donating something instead of downloading for free! This is in no way required though. 馃А

I'll keep updating these files with more variants according to feedback in the future.

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